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Our Choirs


Dolce is our choir for singers in primary grades, beginning in Kindergarten. In this ensemble, singers are taught how to match pitch, follow a musical line, and how to follow a musical director. Rhythm and sound pattern games are used to strengthen the child's inner musical ear and engage these young musicians. Dolce performs in our three concerts throughout the year, as well as holiday community performances.



Bel Canto is our choir for the upper elementary level, grades 3-5. These singers are taught to read octavos, sing scales, and follow a musical line. Music theory fundamentals are woven through rehearsals as singers are taught to follow harmonies in choral music. Establishing healthy vocal techniques are integral to this age group as children's voices become more developed. Bel Canto participates in concerts, local choir festivals, and community performances throughout the school year.



Coro Voce is our choir for intermediate level singers in middle school. Singers are taught sight-singing skills and introduced to more complex harmonies. Diverse literature is chosen to expand the singer's range, musicality, and choral development. Coro Voce performs in concerts, regional choir festivals and community events throughout the year. 



Forza is our choir for singers in grades 6-12. This ensemble is ideal for the changing voice, with an emphasis on vocal technique and development. Repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles to develop music appreciation, build sight-singing skills, and expand the singer's range.



Director, Nadine Bozeman

Cantabile is our choir for advanced singers in grades 9-12. Sight-singing skills are developed further as singers explore culture and musical expression through advanced repertoire. Cantabile performs within the local community throughout the year, and also regularly participates in regional and international choir festivals.


Touring Ensembles

Travel with OYC

Every couple of years our older singers have an opportunity to participate in a performance trip. In 2015, Cantabile and Coro Voce singers traveled to New York to participate in a cultural tour, concerts, and a Broadway Workshop. In 2017, our Cantabile singers had an opportunity to perform in venues all across Ireland, making beautiful music and lasting friendships. Our next performance trip is a 30th Anniversary Performance Tour of Ireland in June of 2025.

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